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我们预计一年中真正执行此操作的次数会很少,但我们这样做时,我们会选择在工作日用户活跃值最低的时段进行,如西雅图时间下午4点至6点。此外,我们添加了一个新的控制台指令“ dota_disable_experimental_gameplay”,玩家可以使用此命令来禁止(收集数据)。任何游戏性调整只会在没有玩家使用此控制台指令的匹配游戏中生效。这些游戏性调整永远不会在房间比赛和联赛中生效。



原文:In this update we are introducing a new system for gathering data on the type of changes that are harder to evaluate or predict without very large number of games, such as gold bounty formula changes.

We expect the number of times that we actually do this during the year to be very low, however when we do it it'll be during weekdays only at the lowest point of user activity, between 4 and 6PM Seattle time. In addition, we are adding a convar "dota_disable_experimental_gameplay" that can be used by players to disable it. Any gameplay changes will only be active in matchmaking games where no players have the convar set. The changes will never be active in lobby and league games.

We recognize that in some cases players will back solve what changes were done, however we won't announce changes ourselves in part because we don't want players to overcompensate with knowledge of them and because generally we prefer to not reveal potential upcoming changes.

Although the type of changes we are thinking about, like gold distribution, take much more than a game or two to show their full impact, we will still be able to get meaningful data and analysis on the direction and scale of changes.


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